News of a new soccer stadium on the Southwest Waterfront has excited many D.C. politicians, businesses and soccer fans. But not William Hudson. Hudson, a D.C. native, is still dealing with the transition his neighborhood has gone through since National’s Park opened a few blocks away in 2008. Lack of parking on game days, disappearing businesses, ...

The City of Magnificent Intentions

District of Change is an ongoing research and storytelling project about Washington, D.C.’s changing neighborhoods – Anacostia, H Street, Southwest Waterfront and Shaw.

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Originally created as a neighborhood for employees of the Navy Yard in 1854 and one of the first suburbs of D.C., Uniontown marked the beginning of Anacostia. According to the National Park Service, “The initial [Uniontown] subdivision carried restrictive covenants prohibiting the sale, rental or lease of property to any Negro, Mulatto, or anyone of ...
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Residents talk transitions

Approximately 400 residents convened at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center to participate in a town hall meeting designed to engage residents in conversation about the change occurring within the District. Attendees were provided with information about the city’s changing demographics, and focused on a number of hot button issues like housing, ...

Mayor Muriel Bowser begins work

                        “Today, we inherit past successes and failures and overdue promises. But most of all, we inherit the great expectations of a deserving people.” This was Mayor Muriel Bowser’s mantra during her inauguration weekend, which is no ...

The City of Magnificent Intentions

  The District of Columbia was designed to be a place where the built and social environment existed in perfect harmony. Early visitors described the city as a place that fell short of its potential. The elegant urban design was juxtaposed with a muddy reality; the haves existed in contrast to the have nots. The city was a living contradiction. ...