Coming January 2015…

When Charles Dickens visited Washington, DC in 1842 he dubbed the 52-year-old capitol The City of Magnificent Intentions.

Though more than 150 years old, the title has never been more relevant than today.

It’s no secret that times are changing in the nation’s capitol. Once known as “Chocolate City,” the District’s population is becoming lighter and more affluent.

But as the old is being pushed out and the new is trickling in, we can’t forget the vibrant, colorful, culture-full communities that existed here for decades.

Through research, photos and stories this ongoing dissertation will revisit the past and document the current changes in neighborhoods around the District.

We’ll talk to people about where the former residents have gone, who is moving in and why the city has become so attractive.

We’ll also bring you stories. Stories of people who live here, people who left, those ushering in a new District and those trying to stop it.

For some it’s the best of times. For others it’s the worst of times. And for some it’s the age of wisdom, while others consider this the age of foolishness. Dickens may have described the city in jest, but many believe in the District’s magnificent intentions and everyone is waiting to see how they pan out.